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house rules

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House Rules and Regulations

 2632 Roberts Bend Road, Burnside, Kentucky 42519
Lake Cumberland Resort

 Thank you for renting our home!  We strive to offer you an enjoyable vacation experience and trust
that you will find the home as you expect it. We would appreciate cooperation from you and your
guests in the following areas, which when observed, will help to ensure that your stay is safe and enjoyable.

  1. Check In/Out: In--Day of Arrival:  4:00 P.M./ Out--Day of Departure: 10:00 A.M.
  2. No Over-occupancy The house limit is set at 14 persons maximum. Occupancy is limited to the Lessee, the Lessee’s guests and invitees.
  3. Auto/Trailer parking: The house contains a large doublewide driveway capable of parking multiple cars and/or trailers. If additional parking is needed, please use the parking lot near the resort office warehouse building. Parking on the street or grass is not permitted. The Lake Cumberland Resort, Inc. may charge a separate fee for excess parking. Please bring a lock for your trailer.
  4. Hot Tub:  Use of the Hot Tub is at your own risk.  Prior to the use of the Hot Tub, all persons must read the “Hot Tub Warning” sign posted near the Hot Tub.  An adult person must be present at all times the Hot Tub is utilized.  DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 UNATTENDED IN THE HOT TUB.  All persons must shower before using the Hot Tub. There is a limit of 6 persons maximum in the Hot Tub at any one time. Temperature is set at 102 degrees.  DO NOT change the temperature setting on the control panel.
  5. TRASH:  Trash removal is the responsibility of the Lessee. You are required to deposit trash into the dumpster located near the office to the left of gate #2.
  6. GRILL:  The grill is positioned to avoid heat damage to the deck. Please do not relocate the grill. Please clean the grill with the wire brush and be sure to shut the gas off after use. Once cooled, please recover grill to ensure cleanliness for all future guests.
  7. KITCHEN:  Please return all utensils in the drawers and cabinets as illustrated. Multiple cutting boards are provided for your use. IMPORTANT:  Please refrain from cutting directly on the countertop or from placing extremely hot pans or liquid directly on the countertop or sink.
  8. Pool Table:  Please do not allow children on top of the pool table. Please also prevent children from throwing balls by hand across the pool table as it can damage the cover. The pool table is NOT to be used as a food serving area.  There is also Ping-pong conversion top for the pool table.  Please ensure that the pool table cover is placed over the pool table BEFORE installing the ping-pong tabletop. This will prevent damage to the pool table. Ping-pong table is NOT to be used as a food serving area or a children’s play area.
  9. STEREO system:  A Stereo/CD Player is provided for your use and enjoyment. This system is preset for volume so that volume can be individually controlled in each room with speakers. DO NOT adjust the main volume control on the stereo receiver. DO NOT rearrange or remove any wiring or attempt to hook up other devices to the stereo.   Please be courteous to your neighbors, especially as it pertains to the speakers located on the screened-in porches and in the open deck area.
  10. Video games:  A Nintendo 64 game is provided in the kids’ loft area as well as a few games to play. Guests may bring their own Playstation or Nintendo games as long as the game plugs into the television via a standard (yellow, red, white) video/audio jack. The television in the loft area has jacks located on the front of the television.
  11. Cleaning:  Please remove all shoes indoors. We have found that that the red clay from the surrounding property is extremely difficult to remove from the carpeting and flooring. Please treat the home as if it were your own, as it will help ensure it remains in the condition you expect it to be in when you arrive.
  12. Boat/jet ski launch:  A public boat launch with parking is provided within the resort approximately 500 yards from our home. Since the local Army Corp of Engineers controls the water level at Lake Cumberland Resort, it is possible the water level may be too low to launch from the Resort. If this is this case, you may need to use the Burnside State Dock located on State Route 27 near Burnside Island State Park. 
  13. MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY:  In case of a maintenance emergency, please contact Kevin Cox at 937-902-1970.
  14. keys:  Keys are located in the lockbox installed on the front porch of the Premises.  A combination will be provided to you before you take possession of the Premises.  At the conclusion of your tenancy, please return all keys to this lockbox.  Any unauthorized access to this lockbox and Premises before or after the term of this tenancy will be considered to be trespass to the Premises.  All violators will be prosecuted pursuant to the laws of the State of Kentucky. 
  15. swimming:        The Lessee, Lessee’s guests, invitees, business associates, and all other persons present or permitted on the Premises under the direction or permission of the Lessee shall swim at their own riskThere is no lifeguard is on duty.  
  16. returned checks:  A fee of $50.00 will be charged for all returned checks.
  17. garages:  There is absolutely no access to the garages. 
  18. LESSOR ACCESS:  The Lessor or agents of the Lessor may enter the Premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of making repairs or inspections of the Premises. 


The US Army Corps of Engineers maintains the water levels at Lake Cumberland. References to
Lake Cumberland or water activities does not warrant or imply that the water levels will permit boat
access, jet ski access or any other water sports/recreational activities.